Helpful tips to Buy the Right Prescription Glasses for your Child

Helpful tips to Buy the Right Prescription Glasses for your Child

Selecting the right pair of prescription glasses can be a complicated task. But when it comes to choosing prescription glasses for your kids, it gets all the more stressful. There will be multiple things about which you need to decide – the level of protection, warranties, durability, lens material, types of frame, and so on. You will definitely want to buy the best eyewear for your child, which offers protection care as well as comfort and style. 

VisionDirect is a leading eyewear giant that offers exemplary designs in the kids’ eyewear range. The innovative and visionary designs make your child look exceedingly stylish. At the same time, the level of comfort that he/she will experience is simply outstanding. 

Vision Direct offers a plethora of brands for kids’ prescription glasses. You will never run out of options and can choose the best frame that suits your kid the most.

Tips and hacks for selecting the best eyewear or prescription glasses for your kids:

  • The fitting of the frame: Always keep in mind that the eyewear fits right into the eye socket. The frame should not slide down his/her nose. Your child should be absolutely comfortable wearing the spectacle all the time. Otherwise, this may cause a serious accident as the eyewear may slip off while he/she is playing. 
  • Thickness and material of material: If your child requires a high degree of vision correction, then the lens will be thick. Always get his/her eyes checked by an ophthalmologist so as to know the correct magnification. But with technological advancements, even high power lenses too can be made thinner. Parents should be careful while choosing the material of the lens. Nowadays, preference is given to plastic and polycarbonate lenses over conventional glass lenses. It is strictly advisable to avoid glass lenses for your kids to maintain proper safety and security. Also, glass lenses tend to make the entire set up a bit heavy. Polycarbonate and plastic lenses are durable as well as highly impact resistant. 
  • Pupillary Distance:By pupillary distance, we mean the distance between the center of each of the pupils of your kid. Correct PD measurement should be done in order to avoid issues like blurred vision, dizziness, and headaches. An ophthalmologist generally mentions this measurement on the prescription. 
  • Spring hinges:If your kid loves to play it a bit rough, then a frame with spring hinges will be perfect for him/her. Also, if your kid is wearing the prescription glasses for the first time, spring hinges can be of great value. Spring hinges are much flexible as compared to regular hinges and make the frame durable and robust.

Top 2 eyewear models which you should definitely try for your child:

  1. SmartBuy Kids JUKESC K6A: Pamper your kid by gifting him this stylish eyewear. He will no more shy away from wearing a pair of prescription glasses. The blue color is absolutely chic and vibrant – the right option for any kid. The square-shaped, full-rim frame will fit him the right way. Acetate makes the frame quite light in weight. 
SmartBuy Kids Jukesc prescription glasses
  1. Progear EG MI020 Eyeguard Kids 10: Innovative design and stylish look are what defines the Progear frame. The shiny crystal transparent color makes this frame quite appealing. The polycarbonate material makes the frame lightweight and long-lasting. This makes the frameless prone to breakage and snapping.
PROGEAR EG-M1020 Eyeguard Kids prescription glasses


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